Best Scandinavian Furniture

A contemporary favorite, the Scandinavian furniture design movement of the 1950’s shows up in simplicity, functionality and affordability over luxury. The Nordic countries have shared their taste for natural materials, pale colors and lean furniture. Embrace the lack of fuss and browse Decorami’s Scandinavian furniture collection online, today.
Minimal Scandinavian Furniture Ideas

Why Scandinavian furniture?

Why do we love Scandinavian design?

To start with, there’s so much more to Scandinavian furniture than Ikea. You see, Scandinavian design fits right into the minimalist trends that are popular now - not just in terms of furniture, but more importantly, our way of living.

In fact, Scandinavian design is more like a lifestyle or culture than just a style of furniture. This stems from the Nordic countries’ short days and long winters that call for bright, practical interiors. The furniture is intended to enrich our daily lives, making them more hygge - that is, a comforting and inviting space for family and friends.

There’s also a connection to nature that sets it apart from other designs. It is uncomplicated, yet sophisticated - the ideal design foundation.

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Fantastic Scandinavian Design And Furniture

Key characteristics

Scandinavian design is a modern movement dating back to the Nordic countries in the 1950s. You can see the key characteristics of modern Danish furniture showing up time and again as minimalism, simplicity and functionality.

Mid century modern and Scandinavian furniture share some similar characteristics, so it’s not surprising they have both seen a resurgence. But, Scandinavian design differs in the color palette and fondness for maximizing a space’s light.

You can identify Scandinavian style by essential elements like pale colors, natural materials with a preference for light wood, and lean, leggy designs.

As an interior design, Scandinavian style encourages the circulation of air and light and repels clutter. At its heart, it is minimal, natural and focused on the family home. But surprisingly, it’s not delicate and reveals itself to be quite sturdy.

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Amazing Scandinavian Furniture & Decor Pieces

How to style

The classic design elements teamed with the very edited nature of Scandinavian furniture make it right at home in a modern interior.

The first thing to remember when styling a well-considered interior design is that Scandinavian furniture placement is key. The furniture should be the focal point because this is what gives the room function. Keep accessories to a minimum and choose those that will add a pop of pastel color while staying in harmony.

Like mid century modern, this style needn’t be adopted in full. In fact, too many Scandi elements can have an overly feminine effect. Try pairing Scandinavian designed pieces with industrial and even rustic pieces for a balanced aesthetic.

Ultimately, remember that less is more, but that the room should feel inviting.

Are you ready to explore Scandi treasures together?

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