Best Mid Century Modern Furniture & Decor

Discover the beauty of timeless style with best mid century modern furniture and decor. Dating from the 1930’s to 1960’s, it holds its appeal today thanks to casual features: functionality, clean lines and contrasting materials. You’ll spot mid century modern furniture designs by their gentle organic curves, as seen in pieces like the shell chair.
Beautiful Mid Century Modern Kitchen Furniture

Why mid century modern furniture?

Why is the world obsessed with mid century modern furniture?

Quite simply, the style has broad appeal. You see, the mobile and lightweight designs that were originally conceived for smaller, post-war homes hold great appeal for the urban living of today. The style is timeless too, for, despite its vintage, it still manages to look at home in contemporary interiors.

Great design is at the heart of mid century inspired furniture. In fact, it’s thought that signature pieces of the mid century modern movement simply haven’t been bettered. The characteristics of mid century modern furniture also tend to provide more space to move about a room - perfect for open floor plans.

With broad appeal across generations and a sense of nostalgia, it’s no wonder vintage mid century modern design is still a part of our decor today.

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Amazing and timeless Mid Century Modern furniture & decor

Key characteristics of MCM

The mid century modern design movement is grounded in innovative forms of expression and a connection to the art world. In terms of furniture, we look particularly to that of 1950s America where mass production and affordability reigned.

You can recognize mid century modern furniture as functional pieces with clean, well-designed lines. They tend to be understated with minimal ornamentation and gentle organic curves. The original pieces were often low-slung or narrow.

With technological advances of the era, the production of new materials made their way into furniture, giving us a love for different materials and textures. The new, like metal, glass and plywood were combined with the traditional material, wood. The color palette for mid century modern ranges from deep earthy tones right through to citrus brights.

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Beautiful chandelier in Mid Century Modern design style

How to style

While authentic, vintage pieces are quite expensive, you can claim the look for your home with pieces that echo the features of traditional mid century modern style.

When styling mid century modern furniture in your home, it’s important not to overdo it. Your room will look more effortless if it includes a balance of styles. Use leggy wood pieces balanced out by chunkier pieces from other eras, to find a sense of harmony and balance as you create an interior. For instance, a non-mid century modern sofa that you’ve chosen for comfort will pair beautifully with mid century modern end tables or a coffee table.

Avoid too many patterns and for best results, stay within a color range by choosing only one tone of wood.

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